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we are have made  education cheaper and easily accessibility for all from the comfort Your homes you can now be an instructor and Earn Good Pay Following the COVID-19  pandemic Education Distraction  the world has changed to a digital world everything has now moved to online  Our Classes are now E-classes our 80% of Our Medical diagnoses are online So its Time For You to Join the Trend  in order to be be successful like others 

Earn money Up-to 70% every time a student purchases your course. Get paid anytime through PayPal Your Bank Account or any Payoneer, it’s your choice.
Inspire students Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.


Join our community Take advantage of our active community of instructors to help you through your course creation process.
Plan your course Get organized You start with your passion and knowledge. Then choose a topic and plan your lectures in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or your favorite notebook.

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You get to teach the way you want — even create courses in multiple languages and inspire more students.
Record your videos @ ease with From Your Comfort Zone Using  your power-point presentations or other presentation/teachers online Aid. with your smartphone,Laptop or a DSLR ? & a microphone and you’re ready to film your first course from your home .
How we help you Jaiz Trust offers free courses on how to build your own course, complete with worksheets and real-world examples. Plus, our instructor dashboard and curriculum pages help keep you on track See your earnings in real life & easy Withdrawal to any Bank of Your choice.


Camera shy? No Worries. We have got Applications & software that will make it a fun, like, which will be Accessible During your training .

How we help you Our support team is available to help and offers free review of your videos. And our online instructor community is here to offer advice and inspiration.

With us everyday is a pay-day

The 3 steps of Succeed with Us, to start earning in 3 simple steps as follows :

                                        1. Register as an Instructor Or any other Professional.

                                       2. Take a free training of How to Use Our Platform to Make good Resources

                                                 Final step  Create E-Lessons and start earnings
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Adams Musa

Jaiz Trust Online Academy has opened up great opportunities in my career. I have learnt so much from here. The practical business insight and knowledge, I gained here has helped  me immensely.

Desmond John

The Education Here is Amazing. Professors Here are very helpful .Thank you for All

Bako Simon

  It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of Jaiz trust online Academy where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one’s future. My 3 month at Jaiz trust have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It\’s their efforts that make me to count myself into better professionals.

Rebecca Yakubu

   Jaiz trust online Academy has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The infrastructure of Jaiz trust online Academy  is one of the finest place to be in the Covid 19 Pandemic Season, is what stands out the most. The best thing about this Jaiz trust online Academy is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world.


Dr Yahaya Isah Kano

  The professors here make the Academy what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom E- teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed Jaiz trust online Academy and this is a treasure for life.

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